Steel Panther: “We came here to rock”

Sex, drugs, rock´n´roll – this is what Steel Panther stands for, adding a certain tongue-in-cheek element as well to create the formula for perfect live entertainment (see report). Until the end of this year, only people in the USA and Japan will be able to enjoy them live on stage, fans in Europe got to wait until March 2015 for the band´s return. The latest video ‘Pussywhipped’ might shorten the waiting time – and the following interview with bass player Lexxi Fox.

Lexxi, did you have the opportunity to bang the usual 17 girls in a row since you’ve started the actual tour?
That happened a while ago. I don´t actally know if it´s been seventeen girls, but yes. These festivals are pretty tiring and exhausting and we paced out our drugs. We´re all getting old and we can´t do seventeen girls without our boner pills. But when we´re going on stage later we´re gonna fill up. Shall I get some for you, too?

Thanks for the effort, but no thanks. You guys started as a cover band. Was it your outset intention to perform your own songs or did it just develop in this direction?
Oh, yeah it was really cool that this happened not just like the other bands that I had in my life. One day Satchel came and we were drivin´ down with a cutie in my moms car, at that time made much money. He played me a tape of some songs and ideas and I meant we have to fuckin work on these. And then some songs from the past I forgotten. We just jammed at that time and makin´ some money doin´ coversongs. And so we sat down and picked out, this songs kicks ass and that songs kicks ass, let´s record these things and see what happens. That´s the kind like we did.

I guess you have travelled almost the whole world up to now, where did you have the most fun/girls?
Ahhmm, that´s a tough question, where are we right now, France? Hahah just kidding… because you know, drugs and alcohol can make you forget. We spent a lot time in London and we spent some time here in Germany as well and… ahhh I can tell you we went to a couple of places that´s legal to do here in Germany, but not in the States. We were going to these big house with these chicks you can have sex with a bunch of times, and we don´t have this in the U.S. because that´s somehow illegal. But here in Germany… Whoaoo. And I have to say this one is a beautiful place, all those castles and hangin around here, around with that view and the water down there. (The interview was done at Metalfest Loreley, the ed.) It´s a nice day and we came here to rock!

Have there been any places where people haven´t understood your deeper message?
I don´t know if they don´t understand it, some people just don´t like it… you know our message. They´re just stupid. Those people need to relax and to party and have a blow, listen to our tunes, have fun, coz you don´t know how long you´re gonna be here, you know? We could die by a lightning bolt coming down every second. (Looks up to the clear blue sky) O.k. maybe not now. But you never know.

Did you know that it’s actually not so easy to be listed on the index in Germany. That’s why I’m a little surprised when Balls out was listed there just because of the cover. A German band – Die Ärzte – had similar lewd lyrics back in the eighties and a few years ago the album was taken from the index because texts like those are business as usual today. Have you noticed anything of that, financially?
Aaah, no, not really. But who could really tell, maybe we´ve got a little more sold if not. You mean because of the cover of our record, right? I think it´s not really remarkable and the music industry isn´t like back in the eighties or nineties anymore. Everybody who likes us will find a way to get that record, no matter what the fuck is on the cover, so it doesn´t make any difference to me. The point is the more you´re tellin´ people you can´t do something, you make them fuckin´ want it more. It has reversal effect, you know. We got bigger shows now as we came over here first.

What are you guys doin´ on tour to keep yourselves in shape?
You know what, Satchel is working out all the time if he has time and he´s a runner and keepin´ his heart up, doin´ push up´s and so does Michael. I just do more coke. It´s got less calories and it makes me not hungry… hey that´s it basically, and just don´t eat. But Satchel and Michael like do it in different ways. They like to party just like me but also to care for their muscles. We got security guards and if anybody fucks with me, I tell somebody else to beat ´em up. Hey, a lot of girls think skinny is sexy too, so I choose to be skinny and they choose to have muscles. I choose to do more blow and that´s all.

Do you have a favourite place to perform in Germany?
I don´t have a favourite place and I tell you why, because everywhere I go, like this it´s the first time I´ve been here and so I don´t wanna ever say that this or that is my favourite place. Right now this is my favourite place because this is just beautiful, you know. Everywhere I look there´s just something that we don´t have nearly to history in the U.S. All this awesome place around here with that river down there and this old building with… what do I know, 1500 years or something. So, New York´s got also great places and also old buildings but in a complete other way. So, favourite? No! Everywhere I go I meet new people, new chicks and ahh fuck around a little. Today we got a 2 am bus call so I got a lot of time to meet people, have some cold beers, get some chicks and have fun. I love late bus calls.

You performed with a considerable number of celebrities so far, but is there someone you´d like to perform with but haven´t the chance yet?
Oh yes, totally, totally! I tell you, I´d love to perform with aah.. let me see, Taylor from Pretty Reckless cause she´s really hot and Shakira, she´s also hot. When you perform with them you got the chance to have sex with them, maybe. If it was up to me, I would perform with girls all the time and give a shit on those three old men. Just me, bitches and chicks and havin´ fun all the time. That´s a great idea! I keep it in mind.

Photos: Björn Schmiterlöw

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