Semblant, Systemhouse 33, Beyond Frequencies & Bulletbelt @Z7

18.10.2023, Konzertfabrik Z7, Switzerland

It’s a pity that many great acts find so small audiences at the moment so you actually fear that they won’t come to Switzerland any more. It’s a pity that people have no money left for pleasure, but only for sheer survival. I can’t understand why only about 100 people found their way to this great package of four bands today. Maybe it’s the ticket price, maybe it’s because Semblant are not so widely known, or maybe it’s just because all the streets are closed again. Just a shame – these great bands in front of such a small crowd.


Bulletbelt from Wellington, New Zealand, start the show today and I can tell you, these guys really kick ass. They combine Black with Thrash and Punk with traditional Metal and create songs that pick you up right from the first minute. Not really my kind of music, but still I find these guys quite appealing. Diego Attinger on vocals has a great stage presence that just makes you want to watch the entire show. His fellow musicians Josh O’Brien & Isaac Lundy on guitar, Tim Mekalick on bass and Steve Francis on drums do a great job. A band that should not be missed live.

After a short changeover, the Swiss Beyond Frequencies arrive on stage. Honestly, I would have preferred this band to go first, so that there is a coherent transition in styles. Beyond Frequencies play a mixture of metal and pop/rock. The lady at the microphone is Blazy Flash, she has Norwegian and German roots but resides in Switzerland; and convinces with her clear, but tonally accurate voice. With her on stage are Sandro Brunner on drums, Sandro Suter on bass and Diego Pires on guitar. The band performs very confidently and well, the only downer is their placement. The crowd would up by Bulletbelt and adding a calmer act after that, I think, isn’t the best idea when you intend to increase the mood steadily upwards. But the Swiss act did a great job and I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from them.

Now it’s the Indian gentlemen’s turn: Systemhouse 33 get ready for their demolition. They take over the crowd right from the first song, managing to have a small crowd appear much bigger and to get them into party mode. People even follow the band’s request to come to the front of the stage and move even a bit closer, this is a rarity, but here most people don’t want to be asked twice. With their Bombay-Groove Death-Thrash they seem to meet the audience’s taste perfectly and thus create a good atmosphere during their performance.

At a late hour it’s finally time: Brazil Calling! Semblant enter the stage and manage to enchant the audience with their heavy Symphonic Metal, or let’s call it Melodic Death. Singer Sergio Mazul and singer Mizuho Lin are in top form and give everything, even if the audience has not increased. You get the feeling that the band is a bit too concentrated on their performance so that it all seems a bit stiff in the beginning. Nevertheless, you notice that especially the gentlemen at the instruments enjoy to finally be able to play this tour, which had to be postponed so many times because of Corona. A great gig and we can only hope that the Brazilians will soon find their way to Switzerland again, despite a too small fan base.

A big thank you to all bands for their performance, giving everything to the audience and delivering such a great show!

Sandy Mahrer

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