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7 deadly sins: Feline & Strange

In addition to giving us an extensive interview,  Feline Lang alias Feline & Strange finds time to share her reflections on the 7 deadly sins with us:

Sloth is what I am not. I am not happy when not moving, not thriving, not trying to get better at whatever I do, not learning, not asking, not creating. Sometimes, that damages me. My excuse is ADHD, but it is also a kind of religion for me. I can´t cope with sloths in human form either. Sorry folks, I would never deny you the right to live the life you want, but please just let me work and don´t hold me back. I hate waiting for people.

Gluttony, in turn, is one definition of me. I am and want too much, too much of everything. I sing too loud. I dance to wild. I work to intense. I inquire too deep. And I really really love eating. I love eating food, and informations, and ideas, and art, and beauty. (And other things which might not be suitable for the internet.) I love putting things into myself and see what comes out of that. I would devour the whole world out of love if I could. But what then? Nah, I´m happy if you get me hot nourishing food after a show no matter how late it is. If you fail in that, I might eat you instead.

Lust and gluttony are one and the same for me. The ultimate joy of life. Of having a hungry body, and a curious mind. I am mostly sapiosexual, I can´t and won´t try to separate the one from the other. Lust is life, no matter the lust of what.

As a sin, I would like to replace «wrath» with «hate». It´s what I deem the most dangerous thing in humans. Uncontrolled, unreasoned, biased, emotional, irrational hate. It is always, ALWAYS born out of fear, and is a weakness. That, unfortunately, makes it no less able to violate and even kill other people. I think wrath is the only real sin among these, because wrath serves no one, not even the one holding it. It only destroys. Everything. And everyone.


I just said wrath is the only sin, and no, I didn´t forget greed. Greed serves a purpose, at least. It serves the one acting for it. And yes, greed sometimes can even serve others. Greed drives progress, and saving resources, and optimizing, and eliminating unneccessary procedures. And no one said greed has to be economic. I am greedy for thoughts. And chocolate.

Vanity is another form of greed, just as lust is a form of gluttony. It is the greed for appreciation, for admiration, but also for fitting in, and being accepted. See? It is fear. As most things that can damage a person, it is fear at the bottom line. Things people do for vanity, and their fear, astound me. But yes, I am vain too, if not in a style anyone would recognize.

Envy is a form of greed too, of course. When we envy someone, we´re greedy for what they have. It´s even better than greed because it has an end – once we reached the point we were envy for, we have at least the option to stop being greedy. And as greed, envy can spur us into becoming better at what we do, dropping unneccessary things, and getting somewhere we really want to be. Envy becomes a sin only when we act out on it and become a robber. Or if it turns into hate, because we are to slothy to better ourselves to that point we are envious of.


Text: Marina Minkler, Photo: Merlin J Noack

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