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Guardians Gate – a pearl from the underground

Guardians Gate come from the district of Limburg- Weilburg in the beautiful central  area of Germany and they are dedicated to traditional Heavy Metal. The band knows well how to make their marks in this genre by combining their very own ideas with influences from other styles and creating compositions that have a high recognition value, letting them stand out from countless other bands. Recently, their debut album “The Green Mile” was recorded (here our review), which should be another stepping stone for the band to continue on their path to success. A meeting with the band was inevitable.

As bassist John explains, at the beginning it was already relatively clear for Guardians Gate which way to go: “In our previous band Jesaja we still had a female singer. After some line-up changes our current singer Flo joined us in 2015 and the three of us then founded Guardians Gate. Our style can be described as melodic heavy metal. We are always careful to leave enough room for variety and are also open to new influences. So there may be a ballad that people are a bit surprised by, because usually we have heavier or faster songs, but without speeding it up too far,” adds guitarist Stephan. “If someone in the band has an idea for a song or we think we can make something out of a riff while jamming, then we basically decide it together and then everyone contributes a part. We leave ourselves enough time. I then record the guitar parts at home, work it out and save it in our dropbox, where we still have an endless amount of material, by the way.  🙂 Flo is responsible for the lyrics and puts a vocal line over the instrumental material and then it’s really just little things until the song is finished.”

“Recently we released our first album  “The Green Mile” by ourselves and already at this point it’s like we only have a few copies left and definitely have to get another edition pressed. A lot of people like it and of course we are very happy about that. We are fully motivated and want to come around the corner with new material as soon as possible and present it to the listeners. We had booked the studio only for the mixing, mastering and the vocal recordings, because we had already recorded the guitars, the bass and the drums. So we could save some money and were well prepared. We were still able to learn some new things and had a lot of fun.”

“In the future, of course, we want to present ourselves live on stage as often as possible and try to further increase our promotion level. There is an agency in our area (Fans4Bands)  through which we get gigs and we ourselves are of course also always prepared to get in touch with promoters and locations to find opportunities to perform. This has paid off so far and we will definitely stay on track”, says guitarist Stephan as conclusion.

There is nothing more to add to this very nice conversation with the likeable guys and I believe that not only the fans from the Limburg – Weilburg area can look forward to more news and more music from Guardians Gate.
Guardians Gate – a pearl from the underground! There is something really good coming up – be prepared!!!


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Hanzi Herrmann

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