Guardians Gate – The Green Mile

self-released   summer 2023

Guardians Gate, our FRESH ACT, are no longer unknown in the German underground. Especially live they have established themselves with convincing performances and made a name for themselves. Now the guys have released “The Green Mile”, their first album, which – to say it right away – is very convincing as a whole. The album starts very dynamically with the powerful and extremely melodic „Bloody Tears“, which is incredibly catchy after the first notes and has a great recognition value. The rough and slightly melancholic vocals by singer Flo form a nice contrast to the consistently melodic guitar playing. It becomes clear immediately that Guardians Gate put a lot of emphasis on details and are excellent songwriters. This common thread runs without exception through the entire album and also in the next attacks on the ears, such as the very catchy “Hate The War” or “We Are The System”, the powerful and melodic guitars create a special dynamic, by which the listener is immediately captivated. You’d be looking in vain for a weak song on the debut album of this Hessian band, you can hear that the musicians have made every effort. Such an approach pays off, which is especially noticeable in the title track “The Green Mile”: They slow it down from the beginning and Guardians Gate reveal their talent for melodic variety in all its beauty. Singer Flo turns this profound piece of music into a real highlight skillfully with his multi-faceted voice. With the ballad “Guardians Tale” and the straight-forward “Welcome To The Dark Age”, the creative level is kept very high, before this album finds a worthy finale with “Hateful Time”.

Guardians Gate have set the bar very high musically and let’s hope that the band can keep this level in the future, which I do eagerly. A minus point for the typoe on the CD cover – but otherwise there is nothing to complain about and this achievement should be appreciated accordingly. Everybody who likes melodic heavy metal should buy this album from the band for only  HERE  or HERE

  • 8.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8.5/10

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