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Kotipelto – Timo Kotipelto’s 7 deadly sins

It his hard to believe that someone with these looks could even know what we are talking about. But indeed, he does: At Myötätuulirock-Festival Stratovarius-singer and Kotipelto-mastermind Timo Kotipelto reveals his seven deadly sins…

Well, envy is a very common feeling in Finland, there are so many people in Finland that if someone is very successful then people envy. I don´t think I envy anybody, but maybe, if I envy something I probably envy people who are happy, who are happy with what they have, you know, and have whatever. And I don´t have a family, so that would be nice to have one day. If I had to envy something… but then again, I really don´t towards anyone or anything. Envy is a very strong word, it´s close to jealousy… Of course when I was younger and saw bands, I wanted to be on stage and not in the audience, but it´s not envy, really.

I am too lazy, yes, I can´t get things done, but then I work for days, but that´s one of the things, just happens. Maybe sometimes I should actually be lazy, put my mind to rest, because I think too much.

I don´t eat much and I´m not a good cook. I can cook something, very basic stuff. Mmm… I don´t eat much, but I eat many time a day – it´s healthier. Sometimes, of course, when I´m doing too much sports, then it´s different. I like spicy stuff, steaks with good red wine and fried foods.

Well! I have too much of it! I´m just this kind of person, but it can be a very negative word. I´m a normal man, I like sex, yes! But for Finnish men, we´re shy and it´s difficult, but when we´re drunk things are much easier – what a surprise! You´re gonna notice it later on in the evening!

Yeah, Finnish people are too angry, of course, surprise-surprise! I´m actually pretty stable, I don´t get so angry… Of course when people treat other people badly, this pisses me off! Because I always try to treat others as I´d like to be treated, so it´s like I don´t like arrogance and anger, some people think they´re better than everyone else, it´s so stupid. I also don´t like… Actually I just wrote a song about that, it´s a little bit like a humouristic song, every time there´re those people who know they know everything better and they want to be at the center of all attention, backstage or whatever, it´s so stupid. I´m not so angry about it, but it´s funny. I´ve never been in a fight, though, yet when I was younger, I did some Judo, so there I put all my energy and emotions. I´m such a small person, so I don´t think anyone wants to beat me or anything.

Am I greedy?! Hm… People are greedy and I´m not a saint, I´m just a normal person. Difficult to say… Money maybe, of course I don´t have enough of it! That´s the way it is… I´m pretty happy with what I have and what I´ve gained in my life, but sometimes… I´ve never had a lot of money, so I don´t know what it feels like if you´ve so much of it, you don´t know what to do with it. I always knew what I could do with it, because it´s not that much. I can be angry at greedy people! If I had a lot of money, probably I´d like to buy something nice for my closest ones, parents and you know, friends. Help people, help those who don´t have enough. Then buy something nice for myself, but then again, if I would have hell a lot of money, I´d some charity! Of course as a musician you can do charity anyway.

I don´t have much vanity in me, but I´ll say it like this: all the people who are in this business have to be at least a little bit narcissistic, because otherwise what the fuck am I on stage at the end?! But I don´t want to get much attention when I´m off the stage, I´m not behaving like a rockstar (does one of his famous stage moves), so I´m kind of a shy person, deep inside. When I was younger, I was more shy. Now I´ve met a lot more people, so it´s changing. Traveling and seeing new cultures helps a lot, too. Everybody in the business, or who are on the stage, are narcissistic to some level, this you have to have, but only until to some point. But where is this point, you´ve to figure for yourself. Having good friends helps, who can tell you “stop being stupid!” then it´s also useful!

Author: Marina Sidyakina, transl., photos: K. Weber


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