The Devil’s Trade – Vidékek vannak idebenn

Season of Mist   release: 14th July 2023

This unique voice has already thrilled me before: How to describe this music? Atmospheric dark rock, epic pagan metal, a bit of doom, a bit of progressive, a bit of 70s guitar rock – in short, this beautifully melodic yet dark mixture resists any narrow classification as a specific genre – their own definition is Dark Doom Folk. This means that The Devil’s Trade has definitely created its very own sound, where Dávid Makó’s hypnotic voice alone ensures a high recognition value.

On this fourth album (the title “Vidékek vannak idebenn” loosely translates to”There Are Landscapes Within”) there are 3 songs in English in addition to lyrics in Dávid’s Hungarian mother tongue. This is not the only innovation: Makó no longer presents himself as a solo artist, but formed a band with long-time friend and colleague Gáspár Binder (drums) as a permanent member and live keyboardist Gábor Tóth. An expansion of his creative spectrum and expressive possibilities. Does this also mean that A Devil’s Trade can soon be seen on tour, hopefully as far as Northern EU?

If you like Wardruna, Fields of the Nephilim, Swallow The Sun and acoustic songs by Led Zeppelin, for example, you will also enjoy this album (and the mastermind’s previous solo albums). I think it’s just great, highly recommended.

Recording line-up:
Dávid Makó: vocals, guitars, keyboards, banjo
Gáspár Binder: drums

Live Line-up:
Dávid Makó: vocals, guitars, banjo
Gáspár Binder: drums
Gábor Tóth: keyboard



  • 9.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9.5/10

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