The Devil’s Trade – The Call of the Iron Peak

Label: Seasons of Mist       release: 28.8.2020

The Iron Peak refers to a mystical place where one once found his long lost peace, total silence and home. A place that has became a materialization of everlasting freedom cut from society and all earthly struggles.

Hungarian singer-songwriter Dávid Makó alias THE DEVIL’S TRADE is the solo artist behind a string of dark, sometimes doom infused folk songs (with assistance of some guest musicians). The idea is to fuse his past of metal and his roots laying deep in the folk songs of his immediate surroundings. The overall tone on this album is melancholic, the tunes are carried by a unique voice taking you through a whole range of emotions, alluring, tempting, scaring, pleading and sometimes preaching. You can hear influences of folk music of the Appalachians, the tales of Hungarian and Transylvanian traditionals combined with Metal. The songs are all quite melodic, weird on occasion but still ear candy – the whole album has some hypnotic appeal.

My only criticism would be the mood evoked by those songs which pretty much stays the same, so that I would have wished for a bit more variety – in between some faster, more brutal parts or something really slow and soft. But that’s maybe a question of taste. A unique piece of art, no doubt.

PS: There will also be a tour in April 2021 featuring The Devil’s Trade alongside UK singer-songwriter Darkher and Swedish neofolk/ambient artist Forndom.

1. The Iron Peak
2. Dead Sister
3. III
4. No Arrival
5. Expelling of the Crafty Ape
7. Három Árva
8. Eyes in the Fire
10. Dreams from the Rot
11. The Call of the Iron Peak
Total playing time: 46:43

Dávid Makó – vocals, guitars, banjo

Studio:  Templom Studio (HU)
Mix/Master:  Márton Szabó
Producer:  Dávid Makó

Guest musicians:
Márton Szabó, Péter Szabó on drums,
Adam Vincze on spoons and jug in ‘The Call Of The Iron Peak’

Rita Szabó, Kornél Szabó on triangulum in Dead Sister

Cover artwork:  Robert Borbas aka Grindesing

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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