The Revenants – Ghosts

El Puerto Records/ Edel-KNM    Release Date: 21.04.2023

The foundation stone for the project The Revenants has been laid already 2018, as  both the guitarists Fabiano Arganese and Marc Ayerle went to the studio and wrote four songs within one weekend together. A singer for the project was quickly found, as Marc has been working for 20 years  as Sound technician for the Goth Rock Band End of Green. Therefore it was clear that Michelle Darkness was asked to take care of the vocal parts and luckily he said yes. He is one of the singers you just want to hear more often. Without limiting themselves to one genre and without time pressure, they wrote 20 songs together. Yeah, you read that right, 20 songs are on the album. So it is hard to mention each one and say something about it. I just picked a few very special ones, starting with the Titeltrack “Ghosts”, which best symbolizes the album all in all. “The End is Black”, a very soft number that hits the heart, but rises to a powerful song. “Vendetta”, another song like “Ghosts”, which won’t be forgotten, I can promise, it’s a very catchy one and you can sing along easily. Such Dark-Goth-Pop-Wave music with great guitar riffs and awesome vocals can be found on the whole record. Some songs are more catchy than the others, but all are great. While listening to it, I would love to sit down by the water, listen, relax, watch the waves and sing along. Some songs are full of energy and raise your mood, others bring you back to the ground. What I really like. If you want to  listen to a few songs, besides those already mentioned I recommend “Emeraldmine”, “If we Dance” and “Freestreet”. These songs sum up the album pretty well. Towards the end it gets more experimental, for example in “Good Man Gone Bad”, from there you get tracks with a bit more blues touch.

Summing up, if you want a timeless record with great songs that are more on the dark side, with great guitar riffs and one of the best German voices in Rock Biz, then you must buy this record. Guys, I hope this one won’t be the last one, thank you for a great record.

  • 10/10
    Bewertung / rating - 10/10

Sandy Mahrer

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