Pontillo and The Vintage Crew – For the Love of Blues

El Puerto Records/ Edel-KNM    Release: 14. April 2023

Gianni Pontillo is not only known in Switzerland. With his band Pure Inc. he made his first steps in the scene and later made himself a name  as singer of Victory. With Pontillo and the Vintage Crew he  finally releases his first Solo Album to freely spread his creative wings. Many of the songs have been written by Gianni Pontillo himself on piano and within two years, 10 songs were created. The title track of the album “For the Love of Blues” summarizes the album perfectly, followed by “City of Gold”. The third song “Long time Gone” is a very nice mid-tempo number which goes to heart with Gianni’s nice and soft voice. “Between the Lines” is a soft track as well, accompanied by piano, the ballad of the album. These two totally hit the middle of your heart, you can feel that these must be very personal songs. And then there is what I so hoped for, a song in Italian, wohooo, “Io Senza Te” Gianni, the Swiss answer to Gianna Nannini, just a great piece, thanks, Gianni, for that. It is followed by “Falling in Love”, “Sing the Blues”, “The Keeper”, “CC Song” and “ Sound of Hope”. Gooseflesh, Rock Party and emotions guaranteed. What Gianni Pontillo and his Vintage Crew – the guitarists Mark Elliott and Chris Iakab, Bassist Alain Schwaller and Drummer Reto Wild – created here is just awesome. Great soft Rock with some Blues, Party mood and lotsa feelings, this album invites you to sing along and have fun.

The next gig will be on 12.05.2023 at Atlantis Club in Basel, Switzerland, drop by to celebrate with Gianni and his Vintage Crew.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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