Khroma / Nightsatan / The Physicists

21. March 2014, Bar Loose, Helsinki, Finland

Being the official Khroma “Collapse” album release bachanal and also the first gig of their upcoming European tour, this was one of the gigs not to miss, although it took an effort to arrive punctually, as it started already pretty early for a Helsinki weekend event…

A bit unfortunate for The Physicists was that many people did not quite make it in time, so it was a quite eclectic crowd enjoying those Aliens from outer space with their Industrial-meets-Punk-meets-Speedmetal sound. The music, the stage outfits and the antics of the band members all add up to an event – much more than just a concert. This time we did not receive a lesson in nuclear physics, but got to hear cynical comments on the situation in the Ukraine and to see the future band logo – well, that´s what they claimed it was… Sad for all those who arrived later to miss an entertaining opening show.

The following Nightsatan provided a bit of a puzzle – two synths, on electric drumset, no vocals – only the occasional “robot voice” announcement. This trio took us on a journey back in time when computer games and synthesizer-movie soundtracks (Blade Runner, Escape from New York) were quite a novelty. Still not sure what to think about it, but the crowd seemed to enjoy the performance.

The DJs of this evening (Kryotechnik, aQi, emanon and Proteus) did not have much time for their sets, as changeovers happened quickly, and the headliner Khroma entered stage quite punctually. The club had filled up nicely in the meantime, and everybody seemed anxious to hear the brand new “Collapse” CD material … which was, as expected, quite a blast. Literally. This band is one of the few that pulls it off to combine violent electronic noise attacks and brutal HC-like riffs with captivating, almost hypnotizing rhythms and somewhat pleasing tunes / vocals – which makes a Khroma concert an absolutely exciting experience, even though their visuals remained on a very basic scale. You simply cannot help but be impressed, you want more – and the show seemed way too short even after 2 encores. So check them out on tour!

Klaudia Weber

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