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Bahkauv: Mystery and Dungeon Synth

Bahkauv (also known as e.g. Badekalb or Bakauf) is a mythical monster featured in the folklore of both Aachen and the Rhineland, Germany (photo: Bahkauv fountain in Aachen, No big surprise that the person behind this German black metal project appears to be equally mysterious …

When did you begin playing music?
I started making music with a friend around 1996. The idea was to set my poetry cycle to music with the name EgoNoir (which by the way was also the band’s name).

What inspires you to create your music?
I draw inspiration from many sources. In the case of Bahkauv, however, it is mostly rural myths from the Rhineland.

(From the label website: In the old days of Aix La Chapelle (Aachen, Germany) and the whole Rhineland lived a creature which was described as an deformed calf with sharp fangs, that often lurks near fountains, streams, and sewers. In legend, the creature would ambush intoxicated men at night and latch onto their shoulders, forcing them to carry it around before attacking them. The name of the creature was spelled as “Bahkouv”.
BAHKAUV, the band project, is the materialization of old tales, myths, legends and stories arround the dark past of a vulcanic place, a musical concept named Dungeon Synth, a historical sound voyage through old times and myths.)

Any favorite music artists?
Some: Motörhead, Mayhem, Mortiis, Tangerine Dream, Simon and Garfunkel, Burzum, Darkthrone, Townes van Zandt, Elvis the King, Heavy Load etc.

What is the black metal scene and dark ambient scene like in Germany?
I don’t give up on scenes, and i don’t mean to sound cool or anything, but i just don’t care about scenes. For the most part it’s a hodgepodge of people that only stands out from the gray crowd of normal people through music and color.

Do play live? Any live dates coming up?
Maybe one day (or night)

Do you read occult books?
Does it seriously make a difference if I read Terry Pratchett or Aleister Crowley?
The main difference: one was a fantastic writer and the other a weirdo who took himself too seriously

Any future plans and projects?

More info:

BAHKAUV bandcamp

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Text: John Wisniewski

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