Carillon – Fresh Act Dezember 2014

CARILLON was founded in 2012 at the University Twente in Enschede, featuring the current line-up since early 2014. The first EP „Last Kamikaze“ has been released recently; STALKER talked with the German band to find out more.

Could you tell us a bit about the band, how did CARILLON come into being?
Kai: By the end of 2011 we four had decided to make music together. We all have studied at the university Twente in Enschede (NL), but we all are from Germany. We have the same interests and somehow it was this cliche situation, that we always hung out together at the same bar and had this idea to found a band, which took place then in 2012.

How did you choose the band name?
Sersch: It´s quite common that you cannot decide on a name. Nothing seems good enough. We didn´t feel like picking a silly name that we won´t be able to stand behind later on. Just think of Dave Grohl who thinks now that the name „Foo Fighters“ sounds pretty crappy, and also the Broilers mentioned that they regretted their decision soon after founding the band. However, they both had lots of success.
Back to the topic – carillon is another word for chimes. As we all studied at the university Twente and this was the common factor, we came up with this name: on campus there is this huge tower with chimes that at certain times can be heard, especially well at the student café where we usually met for a beer aftr our lessons. And so somehow we came up with that name.

Tell us something about yourselves or the other band members.
Kai: Me and Sersch have been with CARILLON since the beginning of the band. I am the singer and bass player. I totally enjoy being in front of a crowd and to entertain them. Even when there are only a few people at a gig, they will receive a show worth for a sold-out stadium.
Sersch is one of the two guitar players, and he has entertainer qualities too, supporting me on stage. He also takes over the vocals for some songs.
Torben took over for Marek, who left the band when he finished his studies at the end of 2013. But Torben rocks like hell, like a music-athlete, although he is the youngest in the band. And he can drink, he even manages to pull of awesome soli when slightly tipsy.
Till is the drummer who joined the band in the beginning of 2014. He had been friends with me and Sersch for some years, and after the old drummer left the band, he was the perfect person to fill the vacancy. First of all, he knew the songs from the concerts he visited, and secondly, he introduced his own style and a his double pedal, which also pepped up our music.
Till: We all have had experience with other bands before CARILLON, some more, some less. I think I have most band experience, and pretty diverse: with 14 I played in a grunge band. Then there came Deutschpunk (punk music with German lyrics), which turned into a pretty tough Hardcore Punk, and after that I played in a Pop-Rock band. A little bit of everything.


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