AVALAND – The Metal Opera: Theater Of Sorcery

ROCKSHOTS Records Release: April 2, 2021

Where do I begin? A young 22-year-old fella named Adrien G Gzagg has a dream, gathers a bunch of musicians around him, forms a band and creates a Metal Opera. It tells the story about a young man’s journey through mystery and magic, consisting of 11 songs. Epic power metal with a pinch of medieval mystery and fantasy, different characters and singers. Solid melodies and musicians, me likes! But I have to say, however, being the huge AVAntasia fan that I am, the source of inspiration of AVAland is quite obvious, both concept and music wise. And when looking at the cover artwork, I can’t unsee see the clear resemblance of the Avantasia Moonglow album. Well, remembering the beginnings of Tobias Sammet’s Edguy, their mascot with the same name could have been a brother of Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie, and their music was just too obvious inspired by Maiden as well. And look what has become of Sammet! So I am not scolding here, but rather want to tell you guys, keep looking forward, and create your own style, dream your own dream, and untie the strings to your idols. So that you can become yourselves the inspiration for the next generation of musicians. I am just now on my 2nd turn listening to the album, and yes, I give it a thumbs up!

1 – Theater Of Sorcery
2 – Gypsum Flower
3 – Let The Wind Blow
4 – Storyteller
5- Escape To Paradise
6 – Holy Kingdom Of Fools
7 – Never Let Me Walk Alone
8 – Deja-vu
9 – I’ll Be Ready for Your Love
10 – War Of Minds
11 – Rise From The Ashes

Text: Melanie Kircher

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

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