Danko Jones – A Rock Supreme

Label: AFM Records   release: 26.4.2019

Not much new going on for Danko Jones – sound-wise, which is good. Just like AC/DC, Motörhead, ZZ Top or Volbeat (and dozens of other examples) – this Toronto trio has their own trademark sound and style which is never going to change, no matter how many songs or albums they release. Which makes it so difficult to pinpoint “the best one” … Simple fact, you either like it – or not (and then you have hundreds of other bands to choose from).

On the other hand I cannot imagine how someone could NOT like Danko Jones (voc, git) and his buddies John Calabrese (Bass) and Rich Knox (Drums) who have been delivering regularly high-octane ear candy with instant-singalong appeal. The same here with “A Rock Supreme”, recorded with Garth Richardson (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, BIFFY CLYRO, RISE AGAINST) at Farm Studios near Vancouver.

The album title says it all – heavy drum beats, catchy choruses and the sound between Blues-rooted Rock’n’Roll and Hardrock captivates you immediately. I have no idea whether those lyrics indeed carry autobiographic, slightly self-ironic confessions – however, I believe that every word in “I’m in a band” is 100 % authentic 🙂

And more ear candy is to come, “Dance Dance Dance” featuring a bit more funky-disco-beats, and “Fists up High” is slightly crossing over to the Metal audiences. This song has the appeal of a hymn to uplift your spirit, to stay strong and make it through (something we all need looking at the state of the world right now). The same for “Burn in Hell” or “You can’t keep us down”. The latter inspires vivid scenes of live audiences in front of my mind’s eye, how much they would freak out here … Summing up, not one weak song on this album which kicks ass like hell – go and buy it.

  • 10/10
    Bewertung / rating - 10/10

Klaudia Weber

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