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Sekret Teknik: Music from pre-nuclear war Earth

Our Fresh Act of this month April 2021 is Sekret Teknik from Finland:

So, please introduce yourself, what/who is Sekret Teknik?
We are a synth duo that plays synthesizer music from pre-nuclear war earth.

Is it a concept act?
No, not at all. Our roots are in 80’s music, but we represent 80’s music that never existed. Our own version of the past before the nuclear war.

What is the secret about?
We are trying to jack into the mainframe, but haven’t yet penetrated the firewall with our intrusion programs

Who are the people behind the music?
We are Teknik 1 and Teknik 2.

What are the origins of this band, where did it come about?
We have played in many punk and new wave bands in the past. When our last project ended, we decided to form a new religion or a new and our first synthband. The synths won ’cause we hate money and wealth ;D .

How big of a part does ST play in your day-to-day life?
During the years it has grown in to a second job for both of us. But this pandemia situation has naturally been tough.

How would you describe your band’s sound to someone who’s never heard it?
Sekret Teknik’s synth music combines dark 80’s cyberpunk sound with modern synthwave, post-punk, disco and EBM. A dystopic soundtrack from a fictional past.

What are you currently working on? Any plans for the foreseeable future?
The whole scene in Finland is in a grid lock because of the pandemic, so we have started to work on new material. If everything goes well, we might go to studio next spring and maybe make a new record. At the moment the new songs seem to be a little more EBM 😀

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges in the modern electronic music scene?
I think they are the same in all genres: how to make original and unforgettable music that has its distinct own sound and feeling. So many bands sound the same.

In the long run, what do you want Sekret Teknik to become and be known for?
We take every day as it comes and the future is unknown, but our goal is to spread our music as far as possible and make people dance till the end of the world. Our music will live forever, even after the next nuclear war!

In the music scene today, whom would you like to play or work with?
Hmmm. A good question. There are so many great bands, but let’s say Lebanon Hannover, Front 242, Pet Shop Boys, John Carpenter, Perturbator, The Cure and Sidewalks and Skeletons.

What do you hope for in 2021?
We only want one thing – GIGS!

Who and what are your artistic influences? What is inspiration to you?
We both have quite different musical tastes and that’s what makes our co-operation so fruitful. One of us takes inspiration from 80’s mainstream pop like Kim Wilde and Duran Duran, the other one more from 80’s goth, electro and minimal wave bands. Also post punk, synthwave and witchhouse artist have an influence too. But really important are also movies, Alien, Blade Runner, Terminator and scifi authors like William Gibson. And good old H.P. Lovecraft. We love him!

What kind of music background do you come from?
Our roots are deep in hardcore punk! We learned to be musicians playing punk and the attitude is also in Sekret Teknik.

Does ST have a mission? What is your message to the audience?
Yes! We want to make people dance. It is our sacred mission.

And if right now you had a chance to make a video, what would be it like? And to which song?
Hmm… We make all our music videos, we know our vision and how to make it happen. Maybe a sad and moody video for our song Nothing to Me. I have played around with an idea for the song Walkman also. Lately been making animations, but maybe it’s time to film something in the real world again too.

Your BandCamp page has a few songs… Where can we find more of your music?
Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube. But people really should buy vinyls. We only make vinyls.

What is ST’s main strength that makes you memorable?
We keep things simple. Our gigs are full of smoke, light and visuals. You can forget yourself in the smoke and dance your mind away!

Any song(s) that are more special and personal to you?
All Dead Kennedys’ songs and from our own songs, maybe Dragon’s Hit because the lyrics are taken from H.P. Lovecraft.

What kind of music and bands do you like and listen to?
Lately we have been listening to a lot of Dead Kennedys, Suzanne Vega, Alice Glass, Ghostemane and the new Lebanon Hanover record.

What do you like to do outside of the band that contributes to your musicality?
Read books. Watch scifi-movies and tv-series. Play old school roleplaying games.

What are your thoughts on the internet’s role in the music industry today?
It is an important medium and opportunity for underground bands but it all still comes down to making great music. Vinyl is still the best medium for music. Maybe the biggest thing is we can stay in touch with other musicians and our fans.

How have you been dealing with 2020 so far and especially the lack of events?
It is very stressing. Mentally a big challenge to keep motivation without gigs. Music is meant to be played and listened to live. But everyone is in this together, and it will get better!

Did you do any online live streams or anything like that?
Yes, there have been some. They are better than nothing, but nothing close to a live show. We love chatting with people at venues after our gigs. Can’t do that in the web really.

As someone who enjoys your music and wants to hear more, what can we do to help and support Sekret Teknik?
Buy our latest record and book us to play gigs when this pandemic ends!

What else would you like to share with us? Please tell us …
Music is eternal! Serve the great Cthulhu! Go to see local bands when possible!

Thanks for the interview!

Marina Minkler – journalist, photo: Band

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