Averlanche – Life’s Phenomenon

Record label: Concorde Music Company Release Date: November 6th 2020

The band Averlanche from Helsinki, founded in 2017, release their debut album “Life’s Phenomenon”: ten catchy songs that skillfully combine beautiful melodies with heavy guitars in the style of Finnish metal around 2000.

Singer Rebecca Spörl grew up in Pottenstein, Germany. Six years ago she came to Finland with the dream to form a metal band. Studying vocals in Turku, she read in an ad that the band Averlanche from Helsinki was looking for a female singer. After the audition, she was immediately and unanimously accepted, for a year after that she traveled 170 km every week by bus to Helsinki for band rehearsal. Now she lives in Helsinki, speaks Finnish fluently and is working to fulfill her big dream: a world tour with her metal band.

And yes, very nice and catchy melodies, great voice and skillful songs with earworm character (“Flowers”). Listening to the songs, HIM and Gary Moore come to mind and also Sonata Arctica for the faster tracks like “Hate” or “Diamond Hills”. This mix of metal / hard rock with a Pop twist is just a bit too soft for my personal taste. But just listen to it for yourselves.

“Life’s Phenomenon” was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa, who has worked with bands like HIM, Moonspell, Sentenced and Apocalyptica. The album was recorded at Arttu Sarvanne’s Watercastle studio in the fall of 2019.

1. Imagined Nothing
2. The Diamond Hills
3. The Sounds of Insomnia
4. Circus
5. Hate
6. Flowers
7. The Machinery of Life
8. Rain Factory
9. Archives of Love
10. Ghost

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Video “The Diamond Hills”

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