Wig Wam – Never Say Die

Label: Frontiers Records Release Date 22. January 2021

If I am happy about a comeback of a band, then it is about the return of Wig Wam to the scene. The Norwegians are back with their “Never Say Die” record. Glam, Teeny, Flash and Sporty might have taken a long time to get back together and to release a new album but it was definitely worth the wait. Right from the start the record promises groovy 80’s Rock sound in old Wig Wam manner.
The album just gets you in the mood and you don’t really realize that he is already half way trough when the song “Where does it Hurt” comes up. The songs just flow nicely into each other so perfectly that you can just lean back and enjoy the flow. No wonder, when a band has three so fabulous songwriters on board.

Trond Holter aka Teeny used the break to take a musical trip with Jorn Lande, while Glam – Age Sten Nielsen lived out his talents with Ammunition. But still it didn’t fit as perfectly as it does with Wig Wam, the combination just seems to be working. With twelve songs, two of them instrumental, you have a huge selection of various sounds and the awesome voice of Glam who is giving his best. And of course the instrumental “Northbound” provides pure joy with Holter’s guitar skills. “Call of the Wild”, “Where does it Hurt” and title track “Never Say Die” are songs that keep stuck in your head for ages. Just awesome. A great comeback album, I can’t wait to see the guys perform live again.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

Sandy Mahrer

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