Celtic Hills – Schräge Music

Label: Elevate Records      release 14.12.2020

Well, German readers will understand immediately what “Schräge Music” * implies, and this is exactly what you get on this EP. Celtic Hills, formed in 2010 in Friuli, Italy, and led by guitarist / singer Jonathan Vanderbildt, provide you with 5 completely different songs. It follows the second album “Blood Over Intents”, released in March 2020 in the middle of the covid pandemic, yet differs slightly from this previous material. This one ranges stylistically from Amon Amarth and early Helloween to acoustic Rock ballad. ‘Schräge Music’ was born as a fun project among friends, including guests like Joe Caggianelli (Ex Dardian and currently Starbynary) and Leo Giraldi (Starbynary).

Five different tracks, sometimes with the usual Celtic Hills sound, but all a bit – well, “schräg” (weird). The first appears to be influenced by Folk/Pagan Metal, yet drifts into Melodic Death with hefty growls, still melodic and appealing, quite catchy. The second track “Warpriest” follows traditional NWOBHM with some Thrash appeal – a bit too bland for my taste. “Freewill” afterwards goes Power Metal, channeling Speedsters like Helloween and is much more remarkable. Acustica – yep, mainly acoustic – provides some channeling of Tom Waits in campfire-style and the last one, “Big Totem” with its weird combination of classic Rock, Prog-Punk and a catchy tune might be the most remarkable on this EP. 4 bulls eye hits, one half-miss – indeed something for music lovers to check out.

* Schräge Musik was a common name for the fitting of an upward-firing autocannon or machine gun, to an interceptor aircraft. The term was introduced by the German Luftwaffe during WWII. Otherwise “Schräge Musik” in German refers to music that featured an unusual tuning and/or time /signature. Although the word Schräge as such means “Slanting”” or “oblique”, in such context it means “weird” or “strange”.


1- Guardian of 7 star: Voice : Jonathan Vanderbilt, Guitars : Jonathan Vanderbilt, Leo Giraldi ( ex Celtic Hills, ex Starbynary), Bass: Jacopo Novello , Drums : Diego Ralli
2- Warpriest: Voice : Jonathan Vanderbilt, Guitars :Jonathan Vanderbilt, Leo Giraldi, Daniel Longo ( Azrath-11) Bass: Jacopo Novello , Drums :Sandro Farfoglia
3- Freewill: Voice : Joe Caggianelli ( Derdian, Starbynary) Guitars :Leo Giraldi, Jonathan Vanderbilt, Bass: Jacopo novello, Drums : Diego Ralli / Alessandro de Fustinioni
4- Acustica: Voice : Jonathan Vanderbilt, Guitars :Jonathan Vanderbilt, Federico Marcon, Bass: Jacopo Novello
5- Big Totem: Voice Jonathan Vanderbilt, Guitars :Jonathan Vanderbilt, Bass: Jacopo Novello, Drums :Simone Cescutti

  • 7.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7.5/10

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