Dead Venus – Bird of Paradise

Label: Non Stop Music Records VÖ: 13. September 2019

Dead Venus are a band around former Burning Witches front woman Seraina Telli, the project that she had already been with before she joined the Witches. Now the young Swiss focuses again on this side of her musical endeavour. The Progressive Music of Dead Venus won’t be quite the cup of tea of all Burning Witches fans and also the vocals of Telli are mostly much softer and more fragile than we are used to hear from her. On the Dead Venus album Seraina shows that she isn’t only inspired by Metal but also takes her picks straight from all musical genres and elements, adding them to her music which she creates together with Mike Mallot and Andrè Gärtner.

It is no easy music, which will probably won’t be as successful as BW was, but you can feel that Telli puts all her heart into it. The songs are based very much on keyboard and guitar lines, both instruments Telli can play herself. I would describe the songs even as a bit spiritual. Especially “Human Nature” is a lot going towards this direction. “Bird of Paradise” is surely one of the most variable records I’ve ever heard, but also one of those who does not deliver light entertainment. The songs are good but don’t really have ear candy potential. Incantations from a white Witch, good, playful, sometimes quite complex and experimental, but very enjoyable. For BW Fans I recommend to listen to  “Redemptionless” & “ Sirens Call”.

  • 7/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7/10

Sandy Mahrer

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