Roadrunner United was a project of the famous hard rock label Roadrunner Records, organised in 2005 to celebrate its 25th anniversary and culminating in the “All-Star Sessions”, an album reaching the charts in Germany, the USA, the UK and other countries. Four “game leaders” (Joey Jordison of Slipknot, Robb Flynn of Machine Head, Dino Cazares of Fear Factory and Matthew K. Heafy of Trivium) were chosen to join 57 artists from 45 former and current Roadrunner bands. A metal family reunion of a special kind!

As part of the project, a concert celebrating the album and anniversary was held at the Nokia Theatre in New York City on 15 December 2005. This mega-event featured performances by numerous former and current Roadrunner band members.

The evening’s setlist included some of the most popular songs from the Roadrunner Records portfolio and, of course, tracks from the project’s album. The “main band”, which played most of the songs, consisted of the aforementioned Cazares (Fear Factory), Adam Duce (Machine Head), the now deceased Slipknot members Paul Gray and Joey Jordison, Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and Roy Mayorga (Hellyeah, Stone Sour).

Now the original album “The All-Star Sessions” is available again on CD and the concert for the first time on 3LPs (red, black, white) and CD as well as digitally.

Roadrunner United - The End (Live New York, NY, 12/15/2005) [Official HD Video]

(No rating, because it’s a sampler and a re-release)

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