Hammerfall / Battle Beast / Serious Black @ Z7

16.02.2020 Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln, Switzerland

The show tonight rounds up the concert marathon weekend at Z7 which gave us  Marko Hietala on Friday and on Saturday Dragonforce – and tonight it’s Hammerfall as a treat.

The show is sold out, as usual for Hammerfall there’s a huge crowd at the club. First on are Power Metallers Serious Black don’t have much space due to the huge Hammerfall stage set. And they don’t have much playtime either, but they have been here several times and again deliver a good show. They make the best of their 30min gig and naturally include their hit songs «Mr. Nightmist» and «We Still Stand Tall» – a great warm up for things to come.


Battle Beast, I am still not sure whether I like the band or not… surely with singer Noora the band made a huge step forward in their career, and they always deliver energetic shows. Tonight they hardly find room for it, which was a pity. Musically they are impressive and they do have a couple of great songs, yet I cannot get too excited about their whole material. The band, however, has obviously a lot of fun on stage, and this is the most important thing anyway.

It seemed that it took forever until Hammerfall finally entered the stage, yet they still kept their schedule despite a long changeover. Their set combined their new songs and some classics, and a particularly emotional moment with the duet «Second to One» sung by Joachim and Noora (Battle Beast), followed by a Renagade Medley. Cans keeps mentioning the 23 years this band has been around and when they had been visiting Z7 for the very first time. Which refreshes some sweet memories, not only for me but also for a lot of people present – a concert 20 years ago we witnessed from the front row, headbanging and singing along… Cans notices jokingly that some people in the audience only heard about the year 2000 as the had not been born yet. And indeed, a lot of young people are in the audience, nice to see that there is a new generation of Metalheads. The band is in much better shape than the last time I watched them – a lot of dynamic and energy on stage, just like in those old times.

Three bands – and of those mostly Hammerfall – delivered a fantastic concert evening and a great conclusion of a Metal music weekend.


Sandy Mahrer

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