Lordi – Killection

AFM Records release: 31.01.2020

The Finnish Monsters Lordi are back with an awesome idea and a new album. It’s called “Killection” and is a fictitious compilation of Lordi Hits between 1970 and 1995, if the band had already existed back then. The monsters just act as if they had been around since the 70’s and unite their Hits they would have had during the past decades on one record.

It is the first time that the band used analogous technology for recording, therefore the whole band had to be in the studio at the same time to record a song. Great idea, but I was skeptical whether they would manage to make it sound like this. Well, anybody who listens to the album will be thrilled.

With Hits Lordi indeed mean Hits. Good songs that leave imprints on your brain and will stick as ear candy for days to come, and those songs also take you on a time travel adventure through the different past decades. “Shake the Baby Quiet”, “Like a Bee to the Honey”, “I dug a hole in the yard for you” or “Scream Demon”, I can’t get enough from this album. And it’s like those 15 tracks are still not enough, you still want more.

The idea must have been a source of inspiration for Mr. Lordi and his monsters, who play the first time on this album without MR. Ox but instead with newbie “Hiisi” on Bass. On this record everyone should find at least two songs they like and can’t get enough of. Lordi deliver with Killection such a great album which I had been waiting for since Get Heavy. Just great work and I am looking forward to the coming live shows, and how they use this idea in the show.

  • 10/10
    Bewertung / rating - 10/10

Sandy Mahrer

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