Nibiru Ordeal – Solar Eclipse

Label: Inverse Records  Playing Time: 81 Min  Release: 15th November 2019


Nibiru Ordeal are a Swedish / Finnish collaboration featuring vocalist Andi Kravljaca of Thaurorod, all other band members are yet internationally unknown. But Nibiru Ordeal is not a project or a just recently founded band. The guys have been playing music together since 2005. And only now they are about to release their first album.

“Solar Eclipse” is basically Power Metal, but it has not much in common with the typical releases in this genre. The sound is powerful, but it is not as over-the-top as on many other genre colleagues prefer on their records. In addition there is a portion of progressive elements. Overall the band does many things right: they know how to play their instruments, they have variation regarding the pace and they use nice dynamics in their songs. But there is still something missing to make “Solar Eclipse” a great album, for example a lack of ear candy and originality. I am missing really catchy choruses and melodies. The ambitious long tracks ‘Vortex of The Dead Galaxies’ and ‘Solar Eclipse’ show both the strengths and weaknesses of this band in an obvious way. The band has a real good hand for variation and progressive songwriting, but has not quite achieved the task of making their songs catchy and recognizable too. Moreover, a little bit of editing would have been good for most of the compositions, not only those long tracks.


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  • 6/10
    Bewertung / rating - 6/10

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