Balance Interruption – door 218

Label: Satanath Records    Release date: 28.09.2016

You don’t get your hands often onto Black Metal from Kiev, Ukraine, and the combination of both made me curious, as images of men with sable caps and bear fur coats spraying chicken blood while dancing the kasachok appeared in my mind, and eagerly I sink the needle into the vinyl.

Door 218 is the third longplayer of the three-piece band and in the past there have been also 3 Eps. The current album was released in September by Satanath Records, a Russian label that turned to the gloomy side, with Black, Death  Metal and the like.

The record starts with the “Last sunset without sun” and there’s everything you need: drummer Dmitry Kim beats the devil out of his kit, singer NK47 growls through the fast double bass parts and Lucifer on the bass supplies the rest with neat low tones from purgatory.

The band is not wrong with their experimental claim. Industrial elements alternate with quiet or melodic parts, and there is a saxophone solo .!? on the first song, which is by the way one of my recommendations.

Black Metal and Saxophone? Sounds like a pickle cucumber with Nutella, but is not as bad as you should think, the key word is “experimental”.
Moreover, the solo is cool, in the way a saxophonist would interpret Ennio Morricon’s music at the showdown of a Western. Unusual, amazing.

Especially the intros cannot deny their industrial heritage, the songs are bursting with varied pieces, there is brutality, there is sufficient speed and experimental parts, but always from one cast without breaking the compositions.

A successful album, which will probably not climb up high in the mainstream charts, but at least a serious insider tip.

My recommandations are the opener “Last sunset without sun”, the title track “door 218” (with Bassolo) and the disturbing “Suicidealer”.

Regarding the sound of Balance Interruption, the bitchiest maiden would voluntarily lie onto the sacrificial altar, and baby blood is quite tasty without additives and preservatives.

  • 7/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7/10


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