Airbourne – Boneshaker

VÖ: 25.10.2019   Spinefarm Records

This band has just rocked central European venues (many of them sold out) – and who had missed it has the opportunity to get a certain live feeling into their own homes, thanks to this new release.  Airbourne dared to go for an experiment with “Boneshaker” when they came to the legendary  RCA Studio A in Nashville, Tennessee (Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson…) without having any songs finished. All the Australians had were a couple of riffs and the urge to record the most honest Rock `N Roll-Album of their 16 year career.

The quartet Joel and Ryan O’Keeffe, Matthew Harrison and Justin Street worked with the 6-times Grammy-awarded producer Dave Cobb, and this work was stunningly simple: Writing an album spontaneously and recording it directly, song writing on the basis of instinct and feeling, having the whole band in one room, getting into the same groove. Moreover, Joel used a hand microphone for the vocal recordings so that he could move around.

And you can hear that on „Boneshaker“ – it’s straight forward, impulsive, passionate and according to the band the most exciting album in  Airbourne’s career so far. 10 Songs in 30 minutes that radiate this raw and pure live kick in a typical  Airbourne-manner: heavy pounding sweaty Hardrock oozing a dirty Rock’n’Roll attitude, with the occasional Metal-Boogie or Country & Western influence.

In case you want to reduce your daily coffee consumption a bit, you can listen to this album instead. A refreshing kick to start the day with a smile, even a Monday morning. Recommended!

PS: Not a full 10 because I would have wanted to have more of this than “only” 30 min …

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  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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