Pretty Wild – Interstate 13

Label: Black Lodge Records, Dead End Exit Records    Release: 31.05.2019

Pretty Wild surely have a rocky road behind them. All that can go wrong for a band went wrong for them, doubled and tripled. Still the guys didn’t give up and have been working hard in the past two years on their third album “Interstate 13”. Five years after their last release the Swedish band is back to finally break trough, which we would wish for them. “Interstate 13” indeed takes off right at the beginning, with “Let’s get it Out” and “Made for Trouble” are songs that bring up some good mood and make you wanna hear more. “Wild and Free” reminds me strongly of another song from the 90s, but I guess most people won’t recognize that one anyway. Still it is an awesome song which is followed by my favorites “Give it all Tonight” & “Stand my Ground”, both good party songs and mood-riser. With “Thanks to you” there is also a beautiful ballad on this 12 Song record. For me the voice of Ivan Höglund is a bit too high during one or two songs, but if you consider the whole record, he delivers an awesome job and his vocals always fit the songs. There’s nothing more left to say than: the hard work and the long waiting time was worth it. Pretty Wild deliver a masterpiece with “Interstate 13” and you would only wish to them that they finally have a bit more luck and finally their break through.

New video for “Superman” song here

Pretty Wild - Superman (Official Musicvideo)

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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