Damage S.F.P – Damage S.F.P

Label: Rockshots Records, Release: 14.06.2019

The guys of Damage S.F.P have known each other since their childhood and shared ever since their passion for Thrash & Death Metal. As they founded the band in 1989, they released three demos, but the whole band project got forgotten during their studies and private lives. But in 2018 singer and guitarist Jaake thought of gathering his old school friends together and give the band another try and since then they have worked constantly on their debut album. I would describe the music as Old School Thrash Metal, with a variety of elements. Just simple, raw and true without any twists and twirls. I am truly no Thrash Metal follower but the raspy voice of Jaake fits the songs really well and is totally different from what I have heard from him with his other Band Valonkantajat. I really enjoy the more melodious songs and the instrumental guitar part “Insomnium” is really nice. The following “Ode to Sorrow” really reminds me of the early Sentenced songs. But “Grain Brain” I really have to skip quickly, because that is too much. What I recognize is that Damage S.F.P offer a lot of diversity in their songs, it won’t get boring. And for Trash Metal fans this should be a good discovery of old hands in music biz.

The video of “Tragedy” here

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

Sandy Mahrer

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