Udo Dirkschneider – My Way

Label: Atomic Fire  Playing Time: 66 Min  Release: 22nd April 2022


He is the Grandseigneur of German Heavy Metal. He wrote Heavy Metal history with Accept, has been with U.D.O. for 35 years and releases solo albums, too. Udo Dirkschneider used the forced stage abstinence during the pandemic in a creative way. He released a regular U.D.O. album, a live album and now follows up with a cover album.

This album’s major appeal lies in its variety in song selection. Udo pays tribute to genre kings like Judas Priest, Motörhead and The Scorpions as well as giants of Rock and Pop music (Rolling Stones, Tina Turner and Frank Sinatra). But there are also more obscure acts like Arthur Brown and Wolfsheim.

All songs (an exception is the piano based ‘My Way’) have in common that they have become “udofied”. This means that they sound like they could also have been on a regular U.D.O. album. This makes “My Way” quite diverse but at the same time a homogenous collection of Udo’s roots. So all in all a very good and harmonious album. My highlights are ‘Fire’ (Arthur Brown), ‘He’s a Woman, she’s a man‘ (The Scorpions), ‘The Stroke’ (Billie Squier) and the great Queen cover ‚We will rock you‘.

  • 8.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8.5/10

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