Crazy Lixx – Forever Wild

Label: Frontiers Records     Release: 17.05.2019

Two years after their last album, the Swedes Crazy Lixx deliver their new record “Forever Wild”. The meanwhile sixth studio album has to prove itself against high expectations, ’cause the previous records had become better and better and the band improved their skills constantly, without letting their fans down. And that’s not different with “Forever Wild”. Those 49:04 minutes playtime take you back to the 80’s and the Hair Metal era, and you remember bands like Bon Jovi, Europe and Co. when they were young. Some song parts remind me strongly of other songs, for example “(She’s wearing) Yesterdays Face” triggers memories of a Hardcore Superstar song. Or a melody in “Silent Thunder” reminds me of a very old Disco Song. But I don’t think that this affects the album in a bad way, probably it is just that what has you take a journey back to the past. “Eagle” will surely be a live hit and will get the most sing a longs, a mid-tempo song which has everything to be a hit, mainly a simple but catchy chorus. The only thing that doesn’t knocks my socks off is the ballad “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”, it just doesn’t touch me emotionally. On the whole record you can find great guitar riffs and singer Danny Rexon gives everything and always finds the right tune to give the songs the special something. With such a great performance you can really be looking forward to the upcoming live dates.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

Sandy Mahrer

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