Sinplus – Break the Rules

Label: Dream Loud Entertainment    Release Date : 07.05.2021

The first tunes of the new record “Break the Rules” by the Ticino Broggini Brothers make you think you just started to play the new Depeche Mode album. With “Private Show (my RnR)” they open this album with a song that perfectly represents what is to follow, the album as a whole. Rocking, dark, sexy, it invites you to dance, pure genius. In their own words they announced that this is the record they have always wanted to create, which is Rock’ n’ Roll – and they did a great job indeed. I have always been impressed by Gabriel’s vocal spectrum, but these dark, whispered vocals …..goosebumps! One catchy melody after the other, all penned by Ivan Broggini, and I get the feeling I am listening to a record filled with hits. A record that sparks joy, something you really need in this challenging time. The fact that they were inspired by the big Rock bands can be heard easily, but you can also hear this typical Sinplus sound, their trademark that makes them special as a band.

My absolute favorite is “Van Gogh”, dark, heavy sound, with a good guitar riff and the vocals are  just on the point, good lyrics a great composition. I first thought Sinplus and Rock… does that really fit? But yes, it couldn’t fit any better. Listen to it, feel it, high spirits guaranteed. Straight from song 1 to 13 an overall fantastic record.


  • 10/10
    Bewertung / rating - 10/10

Sandy Mahrer

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