Aural Coma – Toolboxx

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Visual Kei and Switzerland – this is difficult to imagine that it might fit together. But the band Aural Coma disagrees. They caught my eye at Fantasy Basel because of their awesome styling and of course I couldn’t resist to stop by their booth to say hi. Their Video to the song “Toolboxx” (below) which they showed at the event, looks high professional and raises interest in seeing and hearing more of the band. Before their recently released EP “Toolboxx” they’ve already released a single called “Kageshoujo” last year. The last thing I would have expected were Japanese lyrics and I am already blown away by this performance. The petite singer Aya really surprises you with a powerful voice which no-one would have expected and she really manages to add feeling into her singing even though you cannot understand a word. No matter if normal or spoken vocals or growls, Aya can do it all! Musicwise she is supported by Bassist Teiko, Guitar player R and Drummer Keru, and what these still young musicians achieve is awesome. The songs seduce you with nice Guitar melodies and good beats and the vocal melodies are so catchy that you would love to sing along if you could speak Japanese. Especially the title track “Toolboxx” and “Exit” are great songs which run non stop in my player ever since I heard them. I want more of THIS Band and more Bands like Aural Coma, who are willing to take a risk when choosing a genre that actually might not have that many followers in their own country, but their passion belongs to it 100%. A great EP and an awesome Single of a great, uprising Band with a lot of potential.


  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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