Fire Rose – Blood on your Hands

Self-release; Release Date: 08.09.2023

A long time passed since the last Fire Rose album “Devil on High Heels” and in those seven years many things happened. And it’s very nice to see that the Swiss band made it through these difficult times: They lost their bassist and friend Adi and had a few line up changes, still they believed in their music and kept on going. The guys are on the right way, their singer’s Philipp Meier voice is just fitting perfectly to the songs created by Simon Giese, his brother Florian, Janick Schaffner and the new member Simon Sutter.

Their new album “Blood on your Hands” will be released September 8th. and you get some impression of it with the videos «Heroes»  and «Blood on Your Hands» .

The guys created a record that surprises me a little bit: compared to the album from 7 years ago, they made a huge musical step forward and have developed their style. They have always written catchy choruses to immediately sing along, but now this is ear candy quality over and over. You can hear certain inspirations by the big Hard Rock/Heavy Bands but not like copies. I like the melodies, the riffs, the harmony between vocal melody and the music. Really well done. I would even say I would listen to this record even as an instrumental, and I totally hate instrumental stuff. Singer Philipp shows his highest tones and offers nice diversity to the songs. I listen to “Leave your Cage” and think, this is my favorite because of the melody, and then “Get it All” follows – how am I supposed to choose my fav? Impossible! A fast Up-Tempo Song with great Beat and really cool Guitar Solo. “Rain Falling Down” is a nicely arranged ballad on the album, goosebumps guaranteed.

Followed by “Fly to the Rainbow”, “Life” and then “Fields of Honor”, there couldn’t have been a better final to this record. So what you get with “Blood on you Hands” is high quality Swiss Hard Rock at its best. Well done and my highest respect to the guys of Fire Rose for this great work.

Fire Rose will be touring in October with Jaded Heart in Germany and Belgium and later in November with Nazareth. Make sure to check them out while they stop by near you.




  • 10/10
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