Lance King – ReProgram

Label: Nightmare  Playing Time: 60 Min  Release: 29th March 2019


Lance King is a vocalist, who – I guess – might be unknown to many metalheads around the planet. But he’s had, at least in the underground, a huge impact on the scene. First of all, he is the owner of the Nightmare label and secondly, he has worked with a bunch of bands. The most famous ones are actually Pyramize (right, the band, where Matt Barlow was also the vocalist) and Balance of Power.

“ReProgram” is a the new opus of Lance King and it has become a really impressive album. The music is a hybrid of Power Metal and Hard Rock with a progressive touch. The biggest pro is actually the unconventional songwriting, which makes the album versatile from the first note to the last fade out. Sometimes powerful riffs are dominating, sometimes the virtuoso soli and there are also quiet moments bringing a nice dynamic into the songs. So there is no boredom and also no weak songs at all. Yet something is missing: a big hit song. The melodies and also the choruses could have a bit more ear candy quality. In addition, a second vocalist, a choir or maybe some gang shouts would make the vocals more versatile and push the instant appeal of the songs. You should check out the final ‘A Mind At War’ to understand what I mean. In addition to his usual clean voice, Lance sometimes uses whispered, rather rough vocals, creating a nice contrast. Great! It shows the potential in this album.

I recommend “ReProgram” to fans of Blind Guardian, Dream Theater and Queensryche. I am very curious about future releases. If Lance considers my points of criticism, it could become something great.

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

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