Bad ManKeys – Black Bonus

Label: none, Vö/Release: 21.12.2018

Two and a half years after their debut album, “Case Conflict”, Bad ManKeys release their second piece, “Black Bonus” . Already the guys’ first record impressed me deeply and, surely, their follow-up album won’t disappoint me either.

“Black Bonus” couldn’t have been any better. The songs will captivate you from the first moment on and wont let you go until the end of the record. Some of them are instant hit songs, such as “Give yourself up” and “Until Dawn”, others shine with a great groove and good lyrics. Bad ManKeys stayed true to their style: the funk elements are still there but applied in a much cleverer way, the songs are clearer in structure and less chaotic than before. As on the debut, Teddy Tender proves that he’s the right man for the microphone job because he has a way more versatile voice than many of his vocalist colleagues in the business. On “Love is a two way street” Tender, here and there, sounds like a young Axl Rose but apart from that it’s an awesome song that can easily keep up with many hit bands from the 80s.

If it was up to me, the guys would already play on European stages. The talent is definitely there and I can only recommend to listen to their albums. This is an awesome young band from Finland, who doesn’t do melancholic and dark sounds, for a change. Fantastic!

  • 10/10
    Bewertung / rating - 10/10

Sandy Mahrer

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