Skunk Anansie – 25LIVE@25

Republic Of Music / Boogooyamma    release: 25.1.2019

The 25th anniversary of the band, the particular release date and of course the title… and yes, basically it would be 25 tracks as well but there is also one bonus-song in a package of incredible live presence; a collection of all the major mile stones in the career of a legendary agile courageous and politically engaged band.

The album contains old and new live recordings provided and edited by the band’s trusted sound manager Jeremy Wheatly. Indeed a unique concert experience, I could not tell apart what was actually edited, it seems like a genuine pretty long live-show with parts to dance to and some calm moments as well. 25LIVE@25 is not only a witness of a long successful career but also shows the importance of such an act as a musical and cultural power engine.

Especially in a time when youngsters seem to think that a live-show is just a dude with a USB stick in front of a pseudo-turntable, moving in some fancy lights … and earning 10-20 times more for that than a REAL band…  Skunk Anansie and their music still have this vibe that’s irresistible, you feel like dancing singing jumping along, even though it’s “just” a CD. Plus, there are all those fantastic songs – who does not know “Hedonism”? – and Skin’s voice was and is still unique and beyond description. Great CD, something for people who are fans already and for those who are about to become fans.

Tracklisting 25LIVE@25:
1. Charlie Big Potato
2. Intellectualise My Blackness
3. Because Of You
4. I Can Dream
5. Charity
6. My Love Will Fall
7. Death To The Lovers
8. Twisted
9. My Ugly Boy
10. Weak
11. Hedonism
12. I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero
13. Love Someone Else
14. This Is Not A Game
15. God Only Loves You
16. (Can’t Get By) Without You
17. Secretly
18. Over The Love
19. Spit You Out
20. Yes It’s Fucking Political
21. Selling Jesus
22. Little Baby Swastikkka
23. Tear The Place Up
24. Squander
25. You Saved Me
26. You’ll Follow Me Down (Bonus Track)

  • 9.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9.5/10

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