Fire Rose: Devil on High Heels

Release: 04.11.2016 Label: Non Stop Music

In March, we already introduced to you the Swiss band Fire Rose as our Fresh Act of the Month. Now, the men from Basel-Land release their first album, titled “Devil on High Heels”. And what you get to hear is top-notch. Hard Rock at its best with catchy lyrics, thrilling guitar riffs and simply rocking songs. The guys behind band leader Simon Giese form a harmonic whole. One immediately notices, however, that the band’s mastermind is a guitar virtuoso because the focus is clearly on the guitars. But there are also a lot of solos and plain guitar parts on this album. All guitar fans surely get their money’s worth. I personally would love to hear a bit more variety with the vocals (like with the chorus of Fades to Grey, for example). But, nevertheless, singer Pascal Dahinden’s voice is very interesting and really raspy but, occasionally also a bit pressed. For a debut album, it’s great work and the best I have heard from Swiss rock band in a while. Chapeau! Unfortunately, the band is no longer active with this line-up. The band’s singer left the band and bassist, Adrian Thommen, sadly passed away. This album will surely keep a bit of him alive and I wish them all the best and hope they can keep up their good work with the new line-up and continue to show their passion for music.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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