Dark Sarah – Album Release Show in Helsinki

17.10.2018 ”The Golden Moth” Album release concert at On The Rocks, Helsinki

On The Rocks in Helsinki is a small and intimate club where you can stand right at the stage without any barrier, and I am eagerly waiting for the show to start. I hear there are two girls in the audience, who came all the way from Canada and USA to see this. WOW! That is dedication. Their effort will be honored, but I will get to that later.

The show starts at 9pm sharp. The stage has a large screen behind, showing some fantasy floating island in the sky, turning the entire stage into some fantasy world, dragging the audience into the middle of the story being told here. The intro is like on the album ”Desert Rose”, followed by what has become one of my favorites, ”Tresspasser”. You can see that the band is both eager and anxious to present the new songs to the audience, and shows relief that the crowd absolutely loves them. And most of all, you can see the band has a blast to be on stage.

The magic between Mr. Dragon and Dark Sarah that we could see already in the ”Dance With The Dragon” video is absolutely transformed here, the voices of Heidi and JP are in perfect harmony with each other. In my last review I described JP’s voice as pure black velvet, and I’m gonna stick with that. I was at a loss to find the right description for Heidi’s voice. Well, I know now: it is the clearest crystal, bright and sparkling. Wrapped up in a black velvet pouch.

The journey through the story continues with new songs, ”Wheel”, and ”My Beautiful Enemy”. During ”I Once Had Wings” JP stands perfectly positioned in front of the screen, so it actually really looks like he has wings. All in all, 8 out of 13 songs on the set list are from the new album, and the crowd absolutely loves them, me included. You can have a large venue, but the atmosphere is lame, or you can have a small club, and the crowd is on fire – and this place is on fire.


At some point JP asks ”What do you think is our most viewed video?” A cheering crowd gets what they are waiting for: ”Dance With The Dragon”. We are told that for this year this is the last concert, but get promised shows for next year, especially in the summer. After some 10 songs the band disappears behind the stage, just to get cheered back for some 3 more songs. At the end of the show, the entire band comes to hug those two girls that had travelled so far to see them. They really made their day!

On my way out I get myself the Trilogy Box Set, and the review of ”The Golden Moth” album will follow.
I absolutely had a blast tonight, and can’t wait to see the shows next year. If Dark Sarah hits a town near you, don’t miss it!

Text & photos: Melanie Kircher

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