Poison Whisky @ Sidewalk Lönkka

3.11.2018, Helsinki, Finland

Founded in 2016, Poison Whisky released their debut on May 15 this year which was recorded within only three days. Their music is, as they define it, no bullshit, no tricks, simply Old School Rock a la Motörhead and a tribute to the late Lemmy.

Poison Whisky are quite well known in the Finnish scene: Besides being a popular tattoo artist, singer and bass player Taneli Jarva via Sentenced and The Black League, where he had already played with Maike Valanne spielen schon seit Jahren zusammen wie bereits bei The Black League. Drummer Christian Schäfer from Germany completes the trio.

Sidewalk Lönkka is quite full with an excited audience – it’s a plain small bar and not really a concert place, the limited space in front of a non-existing stage is filled soon. And even though space is limited, you find them all – fans in a mosh pit, headbanging, screaming. Although it is only the fourth gig of this band, it seems they have built quite a following. Maybe the volume was a bit over the top for this place, fans should be able to attend without losing their hearing.

Poison Whisky’s music focuses on short 3-4min songs which also creates a speedy delivery in a very dynamic concert. No chance for boredom, a great gig of this trio with straight-forward music, absolutely entertaining!

Fotos: Klaudia Weber


Sandy Mahrer

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