Mob Rules – Beast Reborn

SPV Steamhammer release: 24. August 2018

The band has a lot to celebrate, first the release of their ninth studio album  Beast Reborn by tomorrow, and then their 25th anniversary in 2019.

Singer Klaus Dirks, who co-founded Mob Rules 1994 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, and his 5 congenial colleagues  (lead guitarist and song writer Sven Lüdke, second guitarist Sönke Janssen, bassist Markus Brinkmann, drummer Nikolas Fritz and last-but-not-least Jan Christian Halfbrodt on Keyboard) do not sound like an old-men-band at all. They all manage to present their virtuosity but still work together tightly in song writing, which is one of the assets of this album. Epic Power / Prog Metal and ear candy – there’s a high potential of dominating your play list for a while, or to become a future classic of the genre.

Atmosphere and themes of Beast Reborn might be a bit darker than their earlier albums – there’s for example the song dealing with a sinister piece of history, Children’s Crusade.

Killer tracks like Traveller In Time or Revenant Of The Sea remind you of  Savatage feat. Zack Stevens  (e.g. the fantastic Dead Winter Dead album). The Prog aspect is explored in e.g. War of Currents; the epic side which even reminds of Nightwish dominates songs like The Explorer or the final My Sobriety Mind (For Those Who Left).

Summing up, a solid piece of high quality German metal – and if you like history lessons in song form like Sabaton, or the reference bands mentioned before, you simply cannot miss  Mob Rules and Beast Reborn.


  • 9.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9.5/10

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