Wolfheart – Tyhjyys

Label: Spinefarm records   release 03.03.2017

Wolfheart, the new band of multi-instrumentalist Tuomas Saukkonen, well known for his band “Before the Dawn” and the one-man-show “Black Sun Aeon”, will release the third album “Tyhjyys” (Emptiness) within the coming days. (HERE the the interview with Tuomas.)

While he recorded the first Wolfheart album (nearly) all by himself *, it is for the second time that Mika Lammassaari on lead guitar, ex-Before the Dawn-drummer Joonas Kauppinen, Lauri Silvonen on bass and Saukkonen himself on guitar and microphone are responsible for the outcome.  (*Mika Lammassaari played all guitar soli on the first album, the ed.)

The result is an atmospheric record, which – according to info text – takes the listener “into the loneliness of the Nordic forests”, and that is what this album indeed does: the listener slides on a carpet of sounds dominated by distorted guitars and pounding drums into a world of melancholy and loneliness; a variety of harmonies and soli bring them back into reality.

The predecessor “Shadow World” was dominated by piano-intros; here the first song takes us to “The shores of Lake Simpele” with a one-minute acoustic opening, turning into a bombastic instrumental that prepares the terrain for the dramatic seven-minute track “Boneyard”, followed by a fast and melodic “World of Fire” and the melancholic single track “The Flood”.

“The Rift” also begins as acoustic, then drifts quickly into staccato-style drums and guitars, fast, hard but still melodic, my personal favorite track on this album.

“Call of the Winter” is more solemn and leaves plenty of space for both drums and lead guitar solos. The almost cheerful “Dead White” could be a candidate for a further single release with its touching solos, and the title track “Tyhjyys” puts us back into the melancholic solitude of the Nordic winternight.

“Tyhjyys” is a feast for the ears, virtuoso instrumentalists combine thoughtfully composed songs with a production which obviously valued working on details.

The “Winter Metal” is driven by tireless, precise drums, embellished by hard but melodic guitars with catchy solos that caress the soul, and filled with words of the eerily beautiful, growling vocals of Tuomas Saukkonen. Just the right music to jump into the dragon boat, to row down to the Gulf of Bothnia for robbing and pillaging. And when drummer Joonas Kauppinnen is beating time for the rowing act, the ride lasts for just a CD length …

Saukkonen fans will definitely not be disappointed, Tyhjyys is rougher than the predecessor “Shadow world”, but also the production has a smoother touch. It is worthwhile to listen to in any case

Wolfheart - Boneyard


  • 8/10
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