Black Light Discipline @ Ottopoika

14.4.2018 Ravintola Ottopoika Kuopio, FIN

What a concert week – Australians Ne Obliviscaris at Nosturi, then Rainbow at Hartwall Arena, then a day afterwards Industrial Metallers Black Light Discipline return back to stage, well, but in Kuopio – on the other hand, there was nothing else to do that weekend, so….

I already knew the venue from back then visiting the  Laakso show and found it a bit faster this time (it’s near the market square but in a bit hidden in a side alley).

And Ottopoika is indeed worth to visit, besides being a comfy Metal bar – even as a stranger you feel as welcome as a regular. And because there is just a rail separating the band from the audience, you can get close to the band, literally, REALLY close …

Once again I was surprised about the sound quality in such a small place which you might not quite expect (kudos to the crew). And was it because of the BLD bucket giveway for the first 30 that the place filled up early?  🙂 *

I had really missed this band – those rough guitars, those infectious rhythms and catchy hooks that make you dance. And what you can only enjoy live – the string section antics (Joonas, Jani) contrasted by a rather disciplined keyboarder Janne, and then this charismatic though slightly weird front dude Toni … Only this time I spotted someone else behind the drums (and because of sound reasons also behind a plexi glass wall – Miikka Tikka helped out as Veikka got ill. And quite well, only after three rehearsals, delivering an – almost – perfect show. But well, tech issues happen every time… No complaints about the set list either, a nice mix of old hits and the two new songs  The Ghost Door and Deadlight (you can check those out on the band website – therefore all that’s left to say is: welcome back, guys!


Intro / Serene / On Fire / For All You Heavy Hearted / Deadlight / Faded / Hey Boy / Time Is Now / Tides / Won’t Let You Down / The Bitter End // The Ghost Door / Walls Inside Us

PS: Upcoming Black Light Discipline show – 8. June, Virgin Oil Helsinki

*Finnish running gag caused by the fact that hundreds of people waited in queue at the opening of a shopping center only to receive a free plastic bucket …

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