Myrkur @ Konepajan Bruno

10.2.2018 Helsinki, Finland

True, I’ve been convinced for quite a while that Myrkur, the Danish multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer, deserves to be worshipped kneeling, yet I did not expect to put into practise what I had preached.  But let’s start from the beginning…

Konepajan Bruno seemed to be a peculiar choice of location, and I was not the only one slightly struggling to find it, as this old factory hall near Sörnäinen has rather been a host for flea markets. Perhaps it was even the first time here for Tuskalive organisation facing the challenge to make it comfortable in winter. They managed to create a cosy atmosphere, and most of the seats in front of the stage were already filled.

The folk musician Päivi Hirvonen warmed up (sic!) the crowd with Finnish folk songs, singing and playing the violin and a traditional instrument (I have no idea how it’s called in any language…) The perfect opening for this sold-out show under the “Folkesange” flag, very atmospheric with minimalistic light effects (candles). Well, the photographers did not quite enjoy the latter…. As the majority of the audience was seated, some even simply on the floor right in front of the stage, you could not take photos standing up – therefore I was literally on my knees when Myrkur entered and began playing – yet in this case it was absolutely appropriate.

I had watched this exceptional artist Amalie Bruun alias Myrkur only a few weeks before in Copenhagen supporting Sólstafir. On this “Folkesange” tour the major focus is traditional songs from Denmark, Sweden or Scotland, and naturally a few of her own compositions. Myrkur, accompanied by two singers and a guitar player, presents the more tender and vulnerable aspect of her personality, giving her voice the lead and keeping instruments like piano or guitar in the background. A Shaman celebrating the healing powers of music, an almost mythical being manifesting herself on a stage – maybe it was also this Blade-Runner-Pris-like make-up that enhanced this impression. In any case it is rare to see so many Metalheads being frozen in awe and perfectly silent following the program, as if holding their breath until the end of each song…

Towards the end Päivi was invited to play with the ensemble, although they never had a rehearsal together – but it worked out nicely. And finally even this legendary Nyckelharpa made an appearance during a Myrkur solo… well, what can I say, an evening of magic and wonder, go and get your ticket for this tour!

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