Bison – You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient

Label: Pelagic Records release: July 2017

After their album Lovelessness (2012, Metal Blade) those Canadians released „only“ an EP 1000 Needles (2014), but now there’s finally another full length output. „You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient“ is also the first full-length to include bassist Shane Clark, former lead guitarist of 3 Inches Of Blood.

Guitarist and vocalist James Farwell revealed that the songs tell a story, about the struggle of life:

“Life is a constant fight … This is an album of daily living. It is for everyone.” And he included several influences: „I was listening to lots of blues while writing the album: Peter Green, Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolf. There was also lots of instrumental rock music playing on my long commutes to Vancouver for work and rehearsals.”

With „Until The Earth Is Empty“ Bison deliver a powerful introduction – evil and intense in music and scream/growl vocals, an intensity comparable to e.g. Primordial. A variety of riff ideas and tempi, and only in one song. After that – I know it’s weird – the music is getting even faster, more aggressive, complex and unhinged – at the same time I lose interest. That’s my problem with HC / Metalcore which those tracks remind me of – it’s simply „passing by me without impact“. But you can form your own opinion watching the video clip below…

A track like „Drunkard“, however, receives my full attention – a bit more groove, and hell what a great track! The same for the instrumental „Kenopsia“, followed by „Tantrum“ which turns out as intense as the opener – multi-layered, with Prog influences and invoking a horror-movie atmosphere. The final track „The Water Becomes Fire“ starts in a quiet manner, melancholic ear candy, but then those massive riffs set in – and wow, in my opinion the best track on the album, a lesson in Sludge!

Summing up: Although my personal taste interferes to enjoy the album fully, I do recognize quality, therefore you should listen to Bison (e.g.

target="_blank" rel="noopener">HERE) and buy the album!

BISON - Anti War (Official Video)

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