DeeVer – You need this

Label: self release, Vö/Release: 01.02.2019

DeeVer is Billy Taylor’s new band – maybe some of you know know him as the former guitarist of Inglorious. If you now expect music similar to Inglorious, you’re totally wrong. This band is dedicated to more mordern sounds and takes its inspiration from bands, such as Muse and Shinedown.

On “You need this”, you will find ten songs, which blend Hard Rock, Punk and pop-like choruses into one single sound. The songs are deliberately kept simple, there’re no technical bells and whistles, no guitar solos anywhere – it’s simply well-written and arranged rock music, made for switching off your mind once in a while. Billy Taylor does an awesome job on the mic, it’s really pleasant to listen to him and get carried away by his vocals and the beats of the drum. Perhaps his voice is not unique but it’s solid and somehow very relaxing to listen to. And it would indeed have been a shame, if he had continued to use his voice only for backing vocals with Inglorious.

Completely on their own, DeeVer recorded their debut album “You need this”, only with the help of Tony Draper, who had worked with Inglorious in the past. And I can tell you this: the album’s title says it all. Every fan of modern rock sounds does really “need this”, that’s for sure. It’s a great debut album and I’m already looking forward to upcoming releases.


  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

Sandy Mahrer

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