Art and politics

Because of upcoming elections in Germany and Austria, I simply cannot avoid to express my opinion here.

Please go and VOTE!

Do not give up the right you have as the citizen of a democratic nation.

And please consider which of those parties will make sure that there will still be a democratic nation, a system that allows free speech, free and secret elections etc afterwards. Considering pretty recent history – or what happens elsewhere nearby or overseas – should show clearly that even a democracy can quickly turn into an autocratic or even totalitarian regime, when those elected do not care about the system at all, ditch basics of  a constitution (e.g keeping religion and government separated), ditch science and human rights via Twitter or use their power immediately to fill their own / their friends’ and families’ pockets and twist legislation in a way that you cannot even vote them off …

And now you probably wanna know why I write this on a website dedicated to artists and artistic expression? What has art to do with politics?

Let me ask you: Which form of government makes sure that also Heavy Metal people can express their views on religion, a nation and society in public, on a stage or via music platforms? Which system allows Metal bands to be formed easily, because you can easily meet fellow Metalheads legally, openly, at a bar or in a youth center, and even men and women mix freely there – or find them via different legal open platforms, or at gigs / festivals organised by legit promoters regularly? In which kind of political system can citizens get tattooed from head to toe, wear Metal outfits openly in the street / at school without being in danger of getting arrested / lynched by police / angry crowd?

Exactly. It’s the democracy and the right to express opinions freely and openly that a website like this one can exist, legally. Find out what it’s like otherwise, in this interview with the band Blaakyum

Hence every form of art is connected with politics. Because no art can blossom in a totalitarian system. Art equals daring, provoking, stretching boundaries and bursting through them, changing opinions, changing society – which is not possible in a dictatorship. Look it up in history books, there’s plenty of proof of that.

Hence, once again, please go and vote. Make sure that afterwards we will still have a democracy, a constitution and the freedom to express our opinion, our art, our music.

Fight for your right to party!
– Klaudia –


Klaudia Weber

reckless and merciless dictator, so KNEEL! In other words, editor-in-chief, translator, website and ad admin, "Jane of all trades" - - - addicted to books (everything between Lord Of The Rings & quantum physics) and music, mainly Metal made in Finland. Furthermore, there's painting, drawing, movies, theater... so you can expect some variety on this website too. MA Master of Arts, English and American studies & Media communication = completed two full studies parallel within 5 years; very proud of my achievement - a bit later in life thanks to a scholarship - as a working class girl in a highlyconservative-romancatholic nation...

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