Dynazty – Firesign

Label: AFM Records  Playing Time: 50 Min  Release: 28th September 2018

Dynasty are a band form Stockholm / Sweden, which has been active for more than 10 years and have already released five albums. Until today, they have basically been active in their home country, but not abroad. With Firesign they are among a new try conquer also the rest of Europe – or maybe the world? We will see if it works. However, they definitely have the right weapon for this purpose.

Dynasty playing some sort of Melodic Metal, somewhere between Power Metal like Angra and Hard Rock like Axxis. There are two elements that dominate the powerful sound: The lead vocals of Nils Molin and the omnipresent keyboards. The first one is a big plus of this release. Hard to believe that Nils has not conquered the Metal world by storm yet. He really knows how to give life to the songs by using his expressive vocals. Fantastic! The keyboards in return make the songs very lively and more exciting, at least in the beginning. They are far beyond the typical string synth and cover a variety of sounds up to dance synth. But when listening to the whole album, at some point the keys become too omnipresent. Therefore the initial feeling of excitement is soon replaced with boredom. Sometimes less is more!

All in all, Dynasty made a good album. I would recommend songs like ‘My Darkest Hour’, ‘Ascension’ or ‘Follow Me’. If they can get on the appropriate tour, I am sure that they will also conquer the rest of Europe – or maybe even the world!

  • 7/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7/10

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