Covenant, Ten After Dawn @ Gloria

Guest author: Maria Levin
Saturday, April 1 2017, Gloria Club Helsinki, Finland

The band Covenant has been playing in Helsinki already several times. This time the support band was Ten After Dawn (start photo). They played about one hour and gave a really nice glimpse at Finnish dark electronic scene. Bandwebsite

Covenant appeared on the stage around 11 o’clock and the flow of strong energy  made the crowd go crazy immediately. Everything was so well intertwined together: the beautiful light play behind the band, great sound, professional musicians.
Charismatic singer Escil Simonsson was magnetizing the audience with his shamanic and soft movements. All three members of the band looked very impressive as silhouettes in the play of strong lights behind them.
The audience didn’t want to let Covenant leave at all. So they had to play for about two hours. The guys displayed amazing communication with the crowd. It was unforgettable feeling to scream together with them the very powerful and significant song Lightbringer. This time the song was performed also by Daniel Mayer, who has a lot of interesting projects of his own, such as: Haujobb, Destroid, Architect and some more.
The general organization of the event by Dark Helsinki was good as well: no problems with the technical equipment or stream of the show.
Moreover, the club was full with people. The atmosphere was very relaxed and cheerful. It was obvious that most of the people who came were already familiar with the band. Personally, I would say that this has been one of the most emotional and beautiful concerts in my life.  Bandwebsite

Photos: Maria Levin

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