Subway to Sally @ Christuskirche Bochum, GER

Christuskirche Bochum (Germany), 29th March 2017

Subway to Sally have just released a nice acoustic live album called “NEON”. Luckily, the band decided to play a few more shows due to the success of the prior tour.  It was no question that I wanted to enjoy one of the last shows of this tour. But today’s concert appeared to be doomed… 

Originally, the show had been announced for the “Lichtburg” venue in Essen, but it had to be cancelled because of bad trouble with the organizer. Therefore the band decided to move the show  18 km further to the Christuskirche in Bochum. So far, nothing unusual here. The problem was that band had already played a show at this venue on this tour, which was the reason that a bunch of seats remained empty today.



It is quite strange to enter a church and to face first a merchandise stand and a bar. The nave in return looks like in most other churches. Huge colored windows, wooden benches and a gallery with an organ are the most significant items. Just like in any other church. But then further ahead there are also the typical concert items in the altar room: instruments, light racks and a huge back drop.



At 20:05 the man with the mask, Cop Dickie, who plays the electronic instruments, is the first one to enter the stage. A moment later, the other musicians from Subway to Sally follow him and take a seat. During the first moments, the audience is still quite relaxed, everybody is sitting on a bench just listening to the music. This situation changes when ‘Böses Erwachen’ is being played; this song draws the first people into the hallway where they start to dance.  As the concert proceeds, more and more people follow this example, and when the band begins the fulminant ‘Henkersbraut’, nobody is sitting anymore.



A very positive aspect of tonight is the sound. Every instrument is absolutely clear and the electric sounds of Cop Dickie are a bit more present than on CD. Moreover, the voice of Eric Fish is in top condition tonight. This combination creates some special moments, especially during ‘Schwarze Seide’, ‘Eisblumen’  and ‘Unsterblich’. Another great gooseflesh moment is ‘Maria’, which is played by Ingo solo on guitar and sung by the crowd.

After more than two hours of music, it is certain that Subway to Sally have managed to create a well-done advancement of their “Nackt” acoustic concert concept. The electronic DJ addition enriches the sound of the band without taking away its identity. The combination of Dub Step and Folk Rock / Metal does indeed work. I am curious for further advancements!


Wenn Engel hassen
Die Rose im Wasser
Böses Erwachen
Schwarze Seide
Ins Dunkel
Traum vom Tod
Maria (Ingo Solo)
Kleid aus Rosen
Falscher Heiland
Das Rätsel 2
Tanz auf dem Vulkan

Encore 1:
Grausame Schwester
Sag dem Teufel
Ohne Liebe

Encore 2:
Julia und die Räuber

Photos: Timo Pässler

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