Smash Into Pieces: Rise and Shine

Release: 27.01.2017     Label: Gain/Sony Music

In 2013 Smash Into Pieces have already delivered an unbelievably good debut album named Unbreakable. Now, four years later, the young Swedes’ third studio album Rise and Shine is out and, as you can imagine, expectations are pretty high. In the run-up to the official release, the band published four out of the ten songs, which ended up on the record as singles. And these four songs foreboded an awesome album. I was a bit worried, however, that the guys picked these songs for a reason and that the rest of the album was not that impressive, but luckily, I was proven wrong. Each song on Rise and Shine turned out great! The song Animal, here and there, reminds me of an older song of the band, but only for short moments therefore it’s ok. As always, Smash Into Pieces’ songs are very catchy and you sing along almost immediately. Beware of the ear candy! Again, the lyrics are very deep and thoughtful. This is exactly what I like about the guys. Those are not songs about booze, those songs have a message. Chris Adam Sörbye’s voice is very powerful and strong but he doesn’t growl as often as before. And I do appreciate this. Chris, who also occasionally sings for Amaranthe, shows that a person who had been stuttering can still be an awesome singer. His approach of openly talking about it certainly reassures many youngsters who are dealing with the same issue. Rise and Shine is another awesome record from Smash Into Pieces. The only downer: there are only ten songs on the album. I want more and I’m sure, you will too.

  • 9.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9.5/10

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